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Cooked pork fat (salo), an old Ukrainian recipe, very tasty


➤ IHERB DISCOUNTS: iHerb - 10% off. Promo code - KCJ820 Donation - walker8609🤍 I stand with Ukraine. My deepest and sincerest prayers go out to the Ukrainian people. I really want to go home. Pray with me Very tasty pork fat Ingredients: pork fat ( a couple of medium sized pieces) 1l water 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp white vinegar mustard seeds , black pepper kernals 2 pieces bay leaf spices to taste (I used smoked paprika and smoked vegetables spice)

Salo - The world’s best vodka chaser and breakfast snack | Сало


If it told you what it was, you wouldn’t eat it. Salo, raw pork fat, is a traditional Slavic food that is especially beloved in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. While to a Western audience the idea of eating raw slabs of pork fat might be a bit… off putting, it’s actually an awesome snack, breakfast food, or vodka chaser. Typically served as a small, open faced sandwich, salo has seen a bit of a rejuvenation as modern home cooks and professional chefs are reevaluating and upgrading this humble classic. So pull that bottle of hooch out of the freezer and slice up some fatback, because today I’m going to give you a comprehensive course on salo!

Winter Food | How To Make Salo - Cured Pork Fat (Salo) - Homemade Salo


✅Facebook 🤍 ✅Instagram 🤍 ✅Nel's World Cooking Channel in Russian 🤍 ✅Nel's World Cooking Channel 🤍 ✅OK.RU 🤍 © 2021 Nel's World Cooking Channel in English All Rights Reserved ✅Ingredients - 500 g pork belly 6 cloves garlic 2 tsp salt 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp pepper 1 tsp Aleppo pepper - #salo #russiansalo #salorecipe

Salo (Salted Pork appetizer)


Follow me 🔥 🤍albert_cancook Ingredients 2 lb salted pork 1/3 bunch parsley 1/3 bunch dill 1/3 bunch chives 1 chili pepper 6 garlic cloves pinch black peppercorns pinch coriander 1/2 bay leaf Grind the salted pork. Greens, chili and garlic mince well. Peppercorns, coriander and bay leave grind into dust. Mix everything together. Enjoy. #shorts #porkbelly #saltedpork #spread #tasty #spices #appetizer #recipe #foodchannel #foodgram #cook #homemade #grind

HOW TO EAT SALO from Kiev?! (4K60FPS)


Salo is consumed both raw and cooked. It is often fried or finely chopped with garlic as a condiment for borscht (beet soup). Small pieces of salo are added to some types of sausage. Thinly sliced salo on rye bread rubbed with garlic is a traditional snack to accompany vodka in Russia and horilka in Ukraine, where it is a particular favorite. Salo is often chopped into small pieces and fried to render fat for cooking, while the remaining cracklings (shkvarky in Ukrainian, shkvarki in Russian, spirgai in Lithuanian, skwarki in Polish, jumări in Romanian, kõrned in Estonian, töpörtyű in Hungarian), пръжки or джумерки in Bulgarian are used as condiments for fried potatoes or varenyky or spread on bread as a snack. The thick pork skin that remains after the fat has been consumed is often used to make stock for soup or borscht. After boiling, the rind is often discarded. If soft enough, however, it is sometimes chopped or ground with salo, herbs, and spices and then spread on bread. 🤍

Englishman Reaction to Ukrainian Food in Kyiv Ukraine: Chicken Kiev & Salo!


Englishman Reaction to Ukrainian Food in Kyiv Ukraine: Chicken Kiev & Salo! Join me as I down a load of vodka, salo ( pork, lard) , and try tasty Chicken Kiev in an authentic, recommended Ukrainian restaurant in the heart of the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv... To see more adventures in Ukraine check out this playlist - 🤍

Traditional SLAVIC FOOD in UKRAINE!! Oldest Ukrainian Market in Kyiv | Ukraine


🇺🇦 LEARN MORE ABOUT UKRAINE: 🤍 🌎 TOURS BY LOCALS: 🤍 👩 MARGARITA: 🤍 One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to explore local markets. Come with me as I try traditional Slavic food in the oldest Ukrainian market in Kyiv, Ukraine! My afternoon kicked off at Tsars’ke Selo Restaurant, a traditional and authentic Ukrainian spot with my guide Margarita from Tours by Locals. It’s located in an old-school, village-style house! 👕 DAVID’S BEEN HERE MERCH: 🤍 The employees at the restaurant wear traditional folk clothing, which adds to the atmosphere and ambiance. There’s an outdoor terrace and an open-air kitchen where they grill kebabs and vegetables. I started with some incredible cranberry vodka before taking a master class on making vareniki. I was having some trouble making them, but they’re super tasty. She boiled them and added some cherry sauce on top. They were both sweet and sour, and hot on the inside! We followed the cherry vareniki with the borscht in bread, chicken Kyiv, and a type of local potato pancakes called deruny. Next, I tried some spicy and strong vodka, followed by the borscht in a bread bowl. The borscht also contained a pork rib inside! The rib was hot, tender, and meaty, and had absorbed the borscht broth. I loved it! Next was some salo, which is cured pork fat with garlic sauce. I also tried some fluffy bread with garlic & onion sauce and sour cream. But I couldn’t get enough of the meaty ribs! The deruny were next and came with some sour cream. They were crispy and golden brown. Eating it with a fork and knife was great, but eating it with my hands was even better! They reminded me of hash browns! Our Chicken Kyiv was next, which is breaded and fried chicken with a buttery sauce with herbs inside. It came with some creamy mashed potatoes and vegetables. I loved it. It was a super hearty stick-to-your-ribs kind of dish and keeps you warm! Next was more vodka with a pepper inside, followed by potato vareniki with sour cream. The caramelized onions on top were amazing! We continued with a Kyiv cake that had some chocolate on top, as well as hazelnuts, meringue, and some jelly. It reminded me of Nutella. The flavor combination was insane and it wasn’t too sweet! I loved the nuttiness and the different layers. After eating, we hopped back in the car and drove past the Ukrainian parliament and the residence of the President on our way to Bessarabsky Market. The market is one large market with high ceilings. It’s the oldest covered market in Kyiv. He headed up to the top level, where we got views of all of the vendors below us. Then, we headed back down and tried some salo on bread with radish and garlic. The bread was amazing, as was the lard! Next was some general’s lard. It was salty and delicious, as was the classic salo. The vendors were so friendly! I followed the salo with some amazing homemade pork sausage. We then came across pickle vendors selling lots of pickled vegetables. Further on were more salo, beef tongue, lamb, and goat in the butcher area. The vendors kept feeding me more pork lard with bread and pickles! Next was some sweet and creamy cottage cheese and some spongy soft cheese. I followed that with molozyvo cheese, which looked like flan! Then, I tried some insanely good crystallized honey. Ukraine is one of the top producers of honey in the world! We tried quite a few types, including some that were thicker and others that were spicy! Then, I had an aphrodisiac that tasted like beets! What an incredible market visit! Where have you been? Subscribe Here! 🤍 Top videos! 🤍 Follow Me: + INSTAGRAM ► 🤍 + FACEBOOK ► 🤍 + TWITTER ► 🤍 + MY BLOG! ► 🤍 Contact Me: +BUSINESS EMAIL ► david🤍 #Davidsbeenhere #Kyiv #Kiev #Ukraine #DavidInUkraine About Me: My name is David Hoffmann. For the last 13 years, I have been traveling around the world in search of unique culture, food, and history! Since starting David’s Been Here in 2008, I have traveled to over 1,200 destinations in 83 countries, which I welcome you to check out on my YouTube channel, travel blog, and social media sites. I focus a great deal on food and historical sites, as you probably have seen! I love to experience the different flavors that each destination has to offer, from casual street food to gourmet restaurant dining. I’m also passionate about learning about the local history and culture. P.S. Thank you for watching my videos and subscribing!

Ukrainian sashimi "Salo-Сало" cured pork with dill and garlic


Ukraine's national snack, known as salo. In traditional restaurants, it is served for free along with rye bread. You may order some food or vodka, and for sure you will get salo cut into thin slices. Before putting it on the table, it is kept in the freezer. The idea is that you drink a shot of vodka and quickly eat a bite of frozen salo, and it will gently melt in your mouth. The best main course for salo is Ukrainian traditional borscht (beet soup) served with sour cream and dill. Consume in order: 1. Drink shot of vodka and take it like a man 2. Slowly chew slice of salo and embrace it 3. Eat borscht with bread Repeat.. Ones salo is cured, it can be stored in the freezer for long period of time and hidden from others :) * Ingredients * Pork Belly Garlic Dill Ground Pepper Paprika Salt Borscht Vodka

Slav Mom Makes SALO


This is not medical advice. Ask your doctor before consuming food. -2 1/2 lb of pork belly -2 1/2 tbsp (or more) of large grain sea salt *not iodized -whole or cracked pepper corns -pickling spice to taste If making your own pickling spice: -bay leaf -all spice -coriander seed -red pepper flakes -mustard seed -caraway (optional) -celery seed (optional) Coagulation study- 🤍

Fastest salt BACON (lard, fat, salo) at home


How delicious and quick prepare salt lard at home? The easiest way. Lard (salo) is ready within 36 hours. You stop to complicate their lives. Our recipe for you to enjoy! Thank you for watching! Comment! Thumb up if you like! Subscribe to our channel 🤍 Your suggestions and recipes send to our e-mail: izvsego🤍 Music with 🤍 site Dave Depper - Rock 1

Americans Try Russian Holiday Food


Russians eat some crazy foods during the holidays. In this video two Americans will experience a Russian holiday dinner for the first time. Gary Guz: 🤍gariksuharik Special thanks to Brighton Bazaar for providing the food. Credits: 🤍 Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! 🤍 GET MORE BUZZFEED: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! To see behind-the-scenes & more, follow us on Instagram 🤍buzzfeedvideo 🤍 Love BuzzFeed? Get the merch! BUY NOW: 🤍 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (🤍) STILLS Dressed herring with juice Yingko/Getty Images Vintage national flag of Russia background myistock88/Getty Images EXTERNAL CREDITS Gary Cherkassky 🤍gariksuharik

Traditional Ukraine Food with Salo


Traditional Ukraine Food with Salo

Slav snacks - Slav party tutorial


Here are 34 snacks, drinks and desserts for your slav theme party. Never again you have to offer popcorn and mozzarella sticks to friends. Throw away the chips and dip. Bring out the pickles and blins. Here are videos of how to make the things: Buterbrod: 🤍 Russian potato salad: 🤍 Holodets: 🤍 Herring under fur coat: coming soon! Garlic rye bread: 🤍 Kvass: 🤍 Kompot: 🤍 Syrnik: 🤍 Blins: 🤍 Powered by Patreon: 🤍 Get slav gear: 🤍 Intro music: Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits Outro music: Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem

Fett-Restaurant in der Ukraine | Galileo Lunch Break


In diesem Restaurant gibt es pures Fett - und die Ukrainer lieben es! ►Galileo Lunch Break Videos: 🤍 ►Mehr auf Galileo: 🤍 ►FUNDA HAT EINEN KANAL: 🤍 ►Alle Videos findest du auf 🤍 ►Galileo auf YouTube abonnieren: 🤍 Galileo ist die ProSieben Wissenssendung mit Aiman Abdallah, Stefan Gödde und Funda Vanroy. Täglich um 19.05 Uhr kannst Du auf ProSieben die Welt kennen und verstehen lernen. Galileo nimmt Dich mit auf eine Reise durch das Wissen: Physik, Geschichte, Natur und Internetphänomene, Gesellschaft, Politik und alltägliche Fragen. Die Hosts Harro Füllgrabe, Jan Schwiderek, Jumbo Schreiner, Klas Bömecke, Matthias Fiedler, Akif Aydin und Dionne Wudu nehmen dabei vollen Körpereinsatz in Kauf und gehen allem auf den Grund, was uns interessiert. - Impressum: 🤍

The right way to eat “Salo”


The right way to eat “Salo”

Russian traditional SALO


Pork fat (сало) salted with spices vacuum sealed Salo (Ukrainian: сало, Russian: сало, Hungarian: szalonna, Polish: słonina, Romanian: slănină, Czech, Slovak: slanina, Carpatho-Rusyn: солонина/solonyna, Belarusian: сала, Lithuanian: lašiniai, Bulgarian: сланина) is a traditional, predominantly Slavic food consisting of cured slabs of fatback (rarely pork belly), with or without skin (especially famous in Ukraine). The food is commonly eaten and known under different names in countries across the region. It is usually dry salt or brine cured. The East Slavic variety is sometimes treated with paprika or other seasonings, while the South Slavic version is often smoked. In Ukraine and many other countries salo is a part of the traditional national cuisine. Available 🤍

Ukrainian salo


ASMR SALO EATING (Russian Food) Mukbang *NO TALKING*


Русский Мукбанг от Саши. Russian Mukbang for Sasha: 🤍 In this asmr eating video i will eat salo. It will be russian food. As usual here no talking, only eating. I wish you a pleasant viewing of my asmr mukbang video with russian food salo. If you like it, please subscribe to my asmr channel. #asmr #eating #mukbang #asmreating #eatingsounds #eatingshow #asmrnotalking #notalking

🇷🇺 Great russian food review at "Borsch & Salo" in Kaliningrad | Dishes and drinks | Ep#14


After the stormy and wet dunes of the "Curonian Spit" Nationalpark, we went straight to Kaliningrad´s city center and our favorite budget place to be: The "Borsch & Salo" restaurant! They serve mainly russian but also ukrainian food there, most of it fresh and handmade at a super nice price point. Classic traditional dishes with Marina and Dan! Davai, bratina and bratan! Follow me: 🤍 Listen to: 🤍 🤍

How to Make Bacon Salo Recipe How To Prepare at Home


Salo, also known as bacon, is a traditional Ukrainian and Slavs delicacy made from pork fat. It is an essential ingredient in many traditional dishes and is often enjoyed on its own as a snack. In this recipe, we will show you how to make salo at home using pork belly. Ingredients: 4 lbs of pork belly Salt Pepper, Paprika, garlic Water Instructions: Place the pork belly chunks in a large pot or Dutch oven and add enough water to cover the pork belly. Bring the water to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer. Simmer the pork belly for 15 min in salted water. Drain the pork belly and let it cool for a few minutes. Once cooled, cut the pork belly into thin slices, season with salt, pepper, paprika, garlic and enjoy as a snack or use it in traditional Ukrainian and Slavs dishes. This recipe is an easy way to make salo at home, the pork belly will be cooked until the fat is rendered and the meat will be tender and tasty. You can store the salo in the refrigerator for up to two weeks or freeze it for up to six months. Enjoy your homemade salo!

salon salo food trip


Food Salo-Salo “The Celebration”


Hotel Style The Celebration #food #foodography #beverage #dish #chef #breakfast #dinner #lunch #cake #wallpaper #summer #drinks #soda #tea #coffee #yogart #fruits #healthylife #salad #veggies #holiday #foodinstagram #foodinsta #insta daily #instagram #instaart #veggies #cake #dishes #dishoftheday #hotelstyle #hotelfood

Salo (food) | Wikipedia audio article


This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Salo (food) 00:01:20 1 Preservation 00:02:23 2 Culinary 00:03:40 3 Salo in chocolate 00:04:24 4 See also Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago. Learning by listening is a great way to: - increases imagination and understanding - improves your listening skills - improves your own spoken accent - learn while on the move - reduce eye strain Now learn the vast amount of general knowledge available on Wikipedia through audio (audio article). You could even learn subconsciously by playing the audio while you are sleeping! If you are planning to listen a lot, you could try using a bone conduction headphone, or a standard speaker instead of an earphone. You can find other Wikipedia audio articles too at: 🤍 You can upload your own Wikipedia articles through: 🤍 "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates SUMMARY = Salo (Ukrainian and Russian: сало, Hungarian: szalonna, Polish: słonina, Romanian: slănină, Serbian: сланина, Macedonian: сланина, Croatian: slanina, Czech and Slovak: slanina, Carpatho-Rusyn: солонина/solonyna, Belarusian: сала, Bulgarian: сланина, Latvian: speķis, Lithuanian: lašiniai) is a traditional, predominantly Slavic food consisting of cured slabs of fatback (rarely pork belly), with or without skin. The food is commonly eaten and known under different names in countries across the region. It is usually dry salt or brine cured. The East Slavic variety is sometimes treated with paprika or other seasonings, while the South Slavic version is often smoked. The Slavic word "salo" or "slanina" as applied to this type of food (it has other meanings as well) is often translated to English as "bacon" or "lard". Unlike lard, salo is not rendered. Unlike bacon, salo has little or no lean meat. It is similar to Italian lardo, the main differences being the thickness of the cut (lardo is often sliced very thinly) and seasoning. East Slavic salo uses salt, garlic, black pepper and sometimes coriander in the curing process, while lardo is generally seasoned with rosemary and other herbs.

Лучший рецепт сала


#shorts #meat #мясо #сало Лучший рецепт самого вкусного сала! Сало в рассоле. На нашем канале #ВсеПроМясо Про мясо рассказывает профессиональный мясник с более чем 10-летним стажем и хозяйка мясного магазина Анна Подоленчук. Анна знает про мясо все! На 99%, потому что на 100% про мясо не знает никто. Все, что Вы хотели узнать про мясо, узнаете здесь! Посмотрите еще полезные видео на на нашем канале: "Холодец. Как правильно готовить холодец"► 🤍 "Дорогое дешевое мясо" ► 🤍 "Бюджетная буженина" ► 🤍

Blackouts in Ukraine. How GYM works / Daily food / Salo 🇺🇦


Today I gonna work in GYM and show you how GYM works inside. Also we'll see my daily food and cook something fast :) #ukraine #blackout



In this asmr eating video i will eat salo 🐷🥒🌶️🍞. It will be UKRAINIAN food. As usual here no talking, only eating SUBSCRIBE👉 🤍 I wish viewers a pleasant viewing of my mukbang video with roasted pork belly. If you like it, please subscribe to my asmr channel.. #asmr #eating #mukbang #asmreating #eatingsounds #eatingshow #asmrnotalking #notalking

Самое вкусное сало в баке , ШПИК КАК ЗАСОЛИТЬ. SALO(FOOD)


Готовлю сало в рассоле.Сало в рассоле.Сало в горячем рассоле — самый вкусный рецепт. А вы когда-нибудь пробовали его, солёное в горячем рассоле. Такой способ засолки теперь стал один из любимых в нашей семье. Готовится быстро, а получается невероятно нежным и вкусным. Попробовав раз, всегда стараемся посоветовать знакомым. Ведь вкусными рецептами всегда хочется делиться. 🤍 #саловбанке #жизньанюты #салопоукраински .

SUPER SALO-SALO SA ILALIM NG MANGGAHAN! Buhay Probinsya! Buhay Bukid! Filipino Food. Mukbang!


Maraming Salamat Po sa biyaya mula sa aming bisita sa Cavite. Good vibes lang po dapat lagi. God Bless. Ingat Po Lagi. Magandang Araw. Laban Lang!

salo salo food trip sa barko


#seaman #food #kusinangpinoy #galley #ofw #sushi #101 #mayor #cooking #birthday

SALO | Ukrainian narcotics | Salt cured pork belly | Traditional Ukrainian cuisine


Welcome back! This week we are diving into the world of traditional Ukrainian cuisine with salo! This is a Ukrainian staple that is eaten with so many things (or even just straight up!). Salo is so popular, it is commonly just called Ukrainian narcotics :-P This salt cured pork belly has a definite feel of bacon, so I get it! I could not find a published recipe here, but you can get the cookbook on Amazon. If the physical books are even available, they are spendy, but the Kindle version is very affordable and readily available! Mamushka: a cookbook by Olia Hercules - 🤍 #AdrenaHamilton #ukrainiancuisine #Salo Epidemic Sound: 🤍 Overhead tripod mount: 🤍 T7i: 🤍 M50: Tripod: 🤍 Backdrop setup: 🤍 Backdrop: 🤍 Mic: 🤍 Sound setup: 🤍 Pocket light: 🤍 Laptop: This description does contain affiliate links. Any purchase through those links does support this channel and make more content possible.

A DAY AT CASA AZUL: Salo-salo with Friends


A relaxing day filled with laughter and food.

フィリピン空撮紀行 マニラ 大虎 Manila Malate SALO Food Park Aerial Movie


マニラ空撮紀行 マニラ マラテ にあるフードパーク「SALO」に新規出店した居酒屋「大虎」です。 皆様よろしくお願いいたします!

Simpleng Salo salo pag day off


Tuwing Day off lang kami nakakain ng Filipino Food at ang Team Friday ang masisipag mag luto kaya parang laging fiesta pag Friday 😊 Food is Life 😋

Salo Salo Bilao | Mix N Cook


Salo Salo Bilao | Mix N Cook Good day! Today, we are going to assemble our pang-negosyo na Bilao. Our menus can vary depending on the customer's order. Enjoy! Note: For the complete costing and possible profit, refer to the end of the video. For the complete video with tips and voiceover, watch it in our youtube channel. FOR PARTNERSHIP AND BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Email: x.mixncook.x🤍 Facebook: Mix N Cook Please like our FB page 🤍 Follow our Instagram Account 🤍 Mga Palalabs para po mas madali nyong mahanap ang inyong mga gustong recipe sa ating YouTube Channel nakalagay na po lahat sa playlist 👇👇👇 Pasta Recipe: 🤍 No Preservatives Homemade Processed Food: 🤍 International Recipes: 🤍 Summer Negosyo: 🤍 Masarap At Swak Sa Budget Na Ulam: 🤍 No Bake Cakes And Pastry: 🤍 Dagdag Cooking Tips: 🤍 Pang Negosyo Recipes Na Murang Puhunan Malaki Ang Tubo: 🤍 Puto At Kutsinta Recipes With Lots Of Tips: 🤍 Kakaning Pinoy Na Pwede Ring Pang Negosyo: 🤍

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